Tronx P820 DIY 3D Printer Kit With The Offline Support

This 3D printer kit is a sturdy one, of course not made for any kind of sampling but equipment in the workshop.3D printers are very useful in the making of different sample prototypes in different industries. It is used to make model aircraft, cars and other tools and vehicles. This printing allows for up to 0.1mm layer of thickness, and it has a very high level of accuracy. It has an acrylic frame operating system. It weight amounts to 8kg with a dimension of 500 x 470 x 420.

3d printer kit

Its features include:

An LCD screen: this affordable 3D printer kit features an LCD screen that displays indices on printing parameters. You can control your printing on the screen by selecting the motors and also

selecting all dimensions and specifications.

Screw rods: The screw rods are installed on the left-hand side of the device. They are two in number.

Stepper motor: the stepper motor connects to the control board.

5 keys: the 5 keys are used to control the LCD screens.

Control Board: the control board is the central connection board to other parts of the 3D printing kit.

MK3 hotbed table: the MK3 hotbed table is a table where the printing is created on. It is like a flat board underneath the printing machine.

Dual cooling fan: The dual cooling fan is used to cool the machine when printing.

Feeder frame; this frame gives or delivers the raw material that would be used for the actual printing.

Power supply: it connects to the power source.

3d printer kit

When you shop for the Tronx P820 DIY 3D printer kit of 220 x 220 x 240mm printing size and offline support, you would need to do some installation. You would need to set out tools you would use for the installation like a spanner, scissors, a wrench, a hexagon tool and a screwdriver. There is a documented instruction that comes in a memory card; you can read in a flash drive. First, you have to assemble the heat bed frame. Then you have to fix the frame with the M3 nuts. Then you place three bearings under the bed frame by using the 12 M4 and 14 screws to lock them in.

3d printer kit

Next, put four compression springs between the heat bead and the bed frame. You will need to add four thumb nuts under the frame. From the documentation, you would see that all motors and switches connected to the motherboard.


You should first remember that this device is made basically for users that use it in the workshop and not necessarily for home use. The cables that run to the ground are the black cables, while the red cables go to the positive inputs. Ensure to check all the cables properly. Printing should not be done in tight areas but in open and ventilated areas.

You should also ensure that children do not come around the equipment or even anybody that is not at all conversant with how it works, take all necessary for shocks because the insulation is not so sufficient.

3d printer kit


It is affordable

It can print up to o.10 mm think,

It is quite easy to install.


It is not very safe;

It should only be used by people that are used to 3D printing machines or machines alike.


The Tronx P820 DIY 3D printer kit of 220 x 220 x 240mm printing size and offline support feature is one of a very affordable and functional 3D printer. It can be used by engineers and another machine enthusiast that are looking to create better realistic forms. It is durable and handy among its few challenges. It stands to get the job done.

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