Transform Your TV Into A Smart Device With Android TV Box

With innovation in Internet technology, the way we watch TV has completely changed. A TV is no more just a device where you can watch dedicated television channels. You can now access internet on your TV and watch online contents through various platforms such as youtube, Netflix, Hulu and plethora of other apps. Thanks to the Android TV box that has made all of that possible with a simple and easy-to-use device. These TV boxes today are as essential as a TV itself and they let you enhance the quality of entertainment you can experience right from your home,

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

Features of an Android TV box:

A TV box is a basically a standard set-top box that you get with traditional TV sets. However, these boxes are way too compact and can be wirelessly connected with the help of built-in wi-fi adapter. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control that lets you control the TV box. The remote comes with a voice control that lets you access your favorite apps with voice commands. The Android TV Box comes with quad-core processor and RAM that delivers smooth and high-speed streaming of HD videos. The Android OS in this box lets you install additional apps from the market too. The box also comes with USB port, HDMI port, and an audio port. So you can connect pen drives, webcam, speakers, headphones, and even external hard drives.

Xiaomi MI Box 4

More than just a TV:

When you connect the Android TV box to any of your existing TV, you will be able to access the internet and all the video apps on it. You can even download your favorite games, video calling apps, and social media apps and enjoy all of them on a big screen. This eliminates the need to replace your existing TV with a smart one and hence you can save money too.


xiaomi mi box 3sCast Your Phone:

Android TV box allows you to share the screen of your smartphone on to your TV. So you can enjoy your games, videos, and music from your phone on your TV. The TV box lets you use to answer your phone calls without any interruption. You can even cast the screen of your iPad, iPhone, and any Android device using these TV boxes.

 Xiaomi MI Box 4

Take it anywhere:

The best part about an Android TV box is you can carry it with and use on any TV or projector. This is great when you want to show the contents of your phone to a large crowd of people. Since it is wireless, anyone in your family can use it to show the contents of their phone on your TV.

Xiaomi MI Box 4

Pair with a gamepad:

Another intriguing feature of a TV box is that you can pair it with a game controller and transform it into a gaming station. You can enjoy all your racing games on your big screen TV without having to own an XBox or a Playstation that are way too expensive when compared to an Android TV box.


There are several brands such as MI, Apple, Google, etc that you can buy TV boxes from. You may find differences in the features but they all do a great job when it comes to entertainment.

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