TOPSHAK TS-EP3 Electric Hand Planer Review

There are so many planers out there today and the TOPSHAK planer is one of them. These are wired models and have everything a professional could want in their glider, including high-quality construction, performance, control and precision. I’ve listed some of the most important features below.



TOPSHAK has a very powerful 10 amp, 12000 V motor that produces up to 16,000 rpm and is capable of planing 3mm on each pass.

That’s a lot of power, and when you’re busy, you’ll probably prefer this type of wired model over wireless. It never loses performance and never runs out.


The TOPSHAK TS-EP3 Electric Hand planer offers quick stock transfer with a width of 110 mm and removing 3 mm at the same time. 110mm is pretty much the standard size and you really don’t need anything wider. This is great for trimming doors and other surfaces and leaves a very smooth finish.
It has a precision machined aluminum base for precision planning and this keeps your surface perfectly smooth.

Dust Extraction

You can connect a dust bag or vacuum cleaner to this grater so you can work without sawdust. This will ensure that your workspace is not cluttered.


This planer is easy to carry and use. Yes, there are cables and you have to plug them in, but that’s no big deal to me. If you only work on a construction site or outdoor project, the wireless model should be considered, but you usually have electricity in most places.


It’s not just a hand wood planer. This is an electric planer designed for the toughest jobs and tasks you will have.

If you have a large stock to handle, this TOPSHAK will help you handle it easily.

Excellent depth adjustment and an ergonomic grip allow fatigue-free work, even when it’s tough.


This TOPSHAK TS-EP3 electric hand planer is ideal for you if you are doing professional frame construction, fine woodworking and window and door installation.

When it comes to power hand planers or planers of any kind, the first thing that matters is how smooth and smooth is the work after using the planer? Here too, the TOPSHAK electric planer works very well.

In other not to fall victim of buying a counterfeit version of this planer, I will recommend you purchase it from Banggood.

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