Top Three Upgrades for your 3D Printer

3D printers are like a car that has like million parts working together to move two tons. So, people have that need to change out or keep tuning some parts to make the best machine out of them. 3D printers parts are quite simple and they do not take so much effort to install. Below, are some different upgrades you can modify or add to your 3D printer;

Motor Damper

3D printer parts

When you are 3D printing, these things make a big difference in the volume of your 3D printer. The only change that should be made is only adjusting the screws to make the belt stay straight so the damper will space the motor a couple of millimeters away from the frame. You can turn them whichever way to provide easy access to the screw for installation but also the ring has given you space for the top of the motor. Just ensure that the screws hold the frame to the damper and the screws also hold the damper to the motor. It is not a must for the screw to go all the way to the damper, the motor, and the motor because it might complicate the upgrade.

Matter hackers 3D Printing Premium Tool kit

3D printer parts

Having a set of tools for your 3D printer is the best quality upgrade of life. In the bag there quite a lot of tools for the assembly of your 3D prints, maintenance, and post-processing. Having a deburring tool, nozzle cleaning, and screwdriver are most used in this set. Doing a lot of assembly using the screwdriver is a lot easier and comfortable when applying pressure when driving a screw. The nozzle clog is used to break up the clog which is hardier while the deburring tool is for cleaning any elephant foot.

Extruder upgrade

3D printer parts

A lot of 3D printer extruder is good enough to get the job done. Installing something like a E3D Titan and Bondtech is a game-changer. They are geared extruders with constrained feed path and adjustable tensioners which can be tuned to work perfectly for a toxic material which you might try printing with. The tensioner constrains the path which means printing and also prevents grinding from littler tension on the filament while gearing gives the extruder more torque. Both are able to set direct drive or Bowden but bondtech has added bonus by having ‘dual-drive gears’ so there are teeth on both sides which pushes and grips it to the hotend.

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