To prolong your camera battery

SON.NP-F750770 Rechargeable 4200mAh 7.2V Li-ion Protected BatteryBattery is very important to digital camera, it’s importance is only after lens, to photograph after your heart, a strong battery is necessary, but even better batteries, If you do not carry out maintenance and maintenance, it will lose strong power, so it is very important to protect your digital camera battery.
However, whilst it’s easy enough to get your camera up and running again, there are ways to ensure your rechargeable camera battery not only keeps going for longer between charges, but also has a long life span.
Here are some tips to prolong digital camera battery’s life. Fist of all, if you don’t use your camera for over 15 days, you should take the battery out and store it in dry an cool environment, and don’t put them with metal objects. According to the survey, most of the camera in the market is use lithium battery, it’s very convent to store, but you should attention, if you do not use it, you should activate it every two months, that’s charge and discharge a time, this can prolong the battery’s life.
Secondly, if your camera’s battery is Ni-MH battery, it’s memory effect is very nasty, this effect will reduce battery’s capacity and use time, as time goes by, stored charge will fewer and fewer, and battery will consume faster and faster, so we should run out the power before charging, and must full the battery before power off. On the other hand, if you use the alkaline batteries, you must take it out as sone as possible, because if the battery stay in the camera for long time, the battery is easy to exudate water and corrode the camera’s electric circuit, and your camera is very easy to be damaged. Finally, just keep your camera battery uses in normal so that your battery can in a long life.

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