Three Must-have Tools for DIY Electronics

If you like electronics, just studying theory is not enough. You have to practice it and learn from real applications. In electronics, you need to participate in projects regularly. And to do live experiments or even prototypes. You need to be prepared with the right tools. But there are many tools and devices you can use for your electronics projects! In this article we will look at the best tools for you.

DIY Tools

1. Wowstick 1f + Electric Screwdriver

The wireless screwdriver set should never be lost on the desk of any manufacturer or electronics enthusiast. You may need it when repairing your own things, disassembling electronics, or traveling around.

Modern electronics such as smartphones, cameras, computers, drones, etc. are assembled with very small screws with a certain shape. Hence, it is best if you are equipped with the right tools. The best and most practical solution is a screwdriver set that comes with many bits of various shapes and sizes.


The Wowstick 1f+ electric screwdriver is available with 3 sets of screw bits, making a total of 56 different screw bits. Everything is neatly arranged in three plastic boxes with labels in the shape and size of the bottom. So you can easily find and pack all the bits in the right place.

When disassembling your electronics, be careful not to lose any screws. Wowstick comes with magnetic pads to hold all your screws and also comes with a magnetic storage case for hard screwdrivers and at least a set of screw bits that you can conveniently convey around with you.
This electric screwdriver is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which can run continuously for 8 hours on the product side; Continuous idle for 2 hours and endurance for 180 days. It has a micro USB charging port to charge the battery and takes 40 minutes to fully charge.
Another interesting thing is that it is equipped with 3 white LED lights that are useful for eliminating shadows when in use.

2. JCD 8898 Soldering Station

The brand is JCD which sells a pretty good range of soldering iron kit and welding tools. The product obtained agrees with this as described. The looks like an excellent soldering station if you have to do SMD soldering occasionally. The first impression is that this gives good value for money. This is a solid soldering station for rework.
This JCD 8898 has a compact design. The cable is very soft and flexible and allows comfortable operation. Product quality feels good. The price is good. Very high price-performance ratio.

The soldering iron has a temperature controller where you can adjust the temperature with the + and – buttons. The range of the temperature control is from 180 to 500 degrees Celsius. The temperature setting for the iron looks pretty accurate. The small drawback is that the screen doesn’t show the current temperature as it heats up, but a small space as an indicator. The soldering iron doesn’t have a sleep setting, so it will cool down if you don’t use it for a while.

JCD 8898

Hot air heaters are a basic accessory for many electronic soldering jobs. The heating station worked well. The handle is comfortable to grip. The advice that comes with the iron is great and appropriate for using the small electronic soldering jobs you normally do with this type of product.
The hot air is heated between 100 and 450 °C for a few seconds. This is especially useful for soldering and replacing small surface components (SMD or SMD). Hot air fan is available with 3 working nozzles for small boards. In addition to the board, the blower fan works very well with the shrink tube.

Hot air devices heat up quickly and have airflow after use for cooling so the heating element doesn’t sit idle (prolongs device life). The air ignites when you lift it from the device and in seconds you’ll have the hot air you want.
Soldering iron and hot air gun work on mains voltage. Mains voltage is fed from the main unit through the connection. The soldering irons makes use of three-pin connector and hot air blower possesses more pins.

3. MUSTOOL MT007 Voltage Test Pen

Having a voltage tester in your home or office is always a great option. Older voltage testers are based on contact, i.e. They have to turn on the power and use the tester and touch the tester to the source and should there be any voltage, the light on test will glow.

Mustool MT007

This new MUSTOOL MT007 multi-function pen for non-contact voltage is completely different, equipped with an NCV tip that is capable of detecting voltage and will light up the LEDs indicating High, medium and low voltage.
The multi-function tester for non-contact voltage tester from MUSTOOL MT007 is pen-shaped. To make use of this device you require 1x 1.5 V AAA battery. There are three buttons, one to turn on the LED light – this pen can be used as a flashlight, another is the hold button, and the third button is to activate the voltage tester


After what is discussed here, you should be able to put together a minimal set of tools for your project. A good set of tools can make be the thin line between success and failure, but knowing how to use them and gaining experience are other important ingredients. These and many other DIY electronics tools are will be sold at discounted rates during the Banggood summer prime sale which will start on June 21st and end 10th July. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

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