Three Excellent Android Endoscopes

Endoscopes have a lot of great uses, even in our everyday activities. You may need to look down water pipes thus you will be in need of a waterproof inspection endoscope, a mechanic may use it to look at a fuel injector. They are great in veterinary applications and looking up air ducts. This endoscopes(cameras) have endless applications thus they are worth to have one around. There are three Android endoscopes that I have gotten their real taste by using them, and they have given me the best experience in everyday tasks.

DANIU Endoscope- It has Micro-USB support, so it will have to work directly with a USB-C phone only by use of USB-C to Micro -USB adapter. You will have to see pretty good details in your area of inspection because it is a 130W pixel high definition camera. I highly recommend it for it can go quite a distance of about 5.5meter, favourable to inspect a pipe or drain. Its waterproof nature makes it work in liquid applications without fail. It has a length of up to 5.5m giving it a great vision according to the product description.

Android Endoscope


Android Endoscope-It has its basis on-the-go micro-USB endoscope inspection camera, and it doesn’t have its own independent battery,  so it relies on your Android phone for power. It has a 5 meters cable convenient for a quite distance away. A couple of small LEDs help one to see darker places. It has a very nice rigidity so the camera line can’t flex all over the place 4-inches away from the camera is the best observation distance thus you will have to get pretty up close to something to see the problem.

Android Endoscope

Inskam Endoscope-This wireless endoscope can connect to the phone by way of Bluetooth and has a cable length of up to 5meters. It can function with all devices with a semi-rigid cable giving someone more control over direction. It has a battery that supports power 3.5 hours of working time. A couple of small LEDs help one to see darker places. It is waterproof and can get into places where you can’t touch and sight can’t reach.

Android Endoscope

These endoscopes are very necessary with great features fitting the new technology Android form. Though the second endoscope does not have its own battery for power, this does not limit it from being among the three best Android Endoscopes. You have to get in touch with this endoscopes to get perfect results in your inspection area for they have the best services. For more endoscopes, please check here.

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