A smart home system is a house which has been equipped with wide range of devices that promotes comfort and modern-like feeling. The residential place has a system which controls lighting, entertainment, communication, temperatures and various electronic devices. With the advancement of technology, most houses have this equipment in-buit. Nonetheless, a cheaper means to have a smart home is to buy the devices separately and install them. The article below outlines some of the electronic devices that could be used for a smart home system.

xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera

Smart IP camera

A smart IP Camera is one of the necessities of a smart house. It is an electronic device which has the capability of detecting theft as well as provides monitoring services. The camera has 3.6 mm lens, 2MP HD 1080 P and it also supports recording devices in the absence of network connection. The high megapixels ensures that the home gets high definition image quality. In the lack of a homeowner, the camera can be connected via wifi without the need of cable network, to a mobile device. The camera also has motion detectors which will signal an alarm in case of an intrusion.

3d printer kit

3D printer

The 3D Printer is another essential electronic device for a smart home. The printer has a fast speed of200mm per second. The printer is compatible with most computers as it can support Windows, Linux, and OSX operating systems. It is efficient for a home since it can be used for fashion designs, toy making, architectural design as well as designing structures of various products.

 xiaomi mi box 3s

TV box

A TV box is an electronic device which connects the TV source to an external signal. Installing this device in a home will enable a homeowner to connect to a wide range of content including entertainment, sport as well as internet games. The device has voice recognition which can allow a user to say anything from the comfort of the home. It will enable android TV remote(downloaded) which can be used on any mobile device.

xiaomi remote control

Smart wireless switches

How about you get rid of all those switches attached to the wall? A smart home uses wireless switches which commands light electronic devices to switch itself on from whatever position. With this device, one can remotely control the lights and set schedules on the periods by which they will be switched. Some of these electronic devices include Sonoff and Slampher. Through wifi connection, these devices will send information to pair with the phone or tablet.


Smart devices like these don’t have to be unbelievably expensive, especially during online wholesale electronics. Finally, it is fantastic to have a smart home. Don’t Be left out! You do not have to live an uncomfortable, traditional kind of life where everything is manual. More so, you don’t want your equipment stolen when you could have used an IP Camera to monitor.

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