Things you must know about Sony PS4 consoles

Sony’s brand new console has already sold more than 10m units after it is launch, the funniest thing is that even the company official cannot clearly tell its reasons for success. While The PS3 had sold an only half number of the unit at this point of its lifecycle, on the other hand, PlayStation 2 took almost a year to reach the 10m mark.

Sony Video Game Accessories

So how it became so popular?

Reason 1: Xbox One collapse to lunch properly?

Many gamers think the launch of the Xbox One was a disaster for Microsoft. This May be the possible reason which gave PS4 more opportunity to grow super fast on the market

Reason 2: Because of its price

In most current console generations, PS4 was cheaper to buy than Xbox which can be another reason for it’s growing. Game over.


Why should you buy sony ps4 gaming console?

The Sony PS4 is one of the big gaming consoles on the market currently, which is a major success. It has a huge library of games, console design, refined controllers. PS4 is surely a worthy choice for your gaming system.

Sony Video Game Accessories

If you are a hardcore game lover and play games regularly on Sony PS4 then you must have some accessories to with your console for a better experience.

5 must-have Sony Video Game Accessories

  1. A charger station

If you hate when your gaming sessions get interrupted by dead batteries and you don’t want to pause the game to charge the controller than a Charging Station for your gaming console will help you to play games longer!

  1. Cover case

A cover case provides you a better grip to increase gaming experience with protection from dust, damage, and scratches,

  1. A good controller

You got two options to choose from the PS4 controller, going wireless or wired, and both of them will give you different benefits.

  1. A wireless headset

A great wireless headset will give you a better sound. Some headset has a higher price, but there is some cheap price product with the quality available on the market.

  1. A PS4 camera

To use any Motion Controllers, you must need a PS4 Camera. With this device, you can bring gaming experience in a motion gaming system.



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