The XTAR VC4 18650 Battery Charger: Convenient Charging At Its Best

Would you like a charger that is compatible with different battery sizes and types? Are you interested in a charger that clearly indicates the real charging capacity of your batteries? Would you be willing to know more about a charger that can adapt to your USB ports with ease? Then I highly suggest that you read on. The XTAR VC4 18650 battery charger is the answer to your charging issues. Check out its features and advantages below.

18650 battery charger



The VC4 should be able to charge most of your batteries, whatever the size or type. It is able to charge two 18650 cells and two 36250 cells at the same time. This versatile charger can charge both Ni-MH and Lithium-ion cell types.

18650 battery charger2. EASY AND SAFE TO USE

You will find that this charger is quite easy to use. To charge your batteries, all you need to do is insert them into the charger’s slots and choose the ideal currently. This intelligent charger will do the rest for you.

In case you want to know the charging status of your batteries, it has a convenient button that turns the backlit display on and off.

You will not have to worry about your batteries overheating as it has a temperature sensing feature that keeps them cool during charging.

18650 battery charger3. LARGE INFORMATIVE DISPLAY

The XTAR charger has a display which is large enough for you to read whatever parameter, as it charges your batteries. The display will give you clear readouts of your batteries’ charged capacities, channels, types and voltages. It will also indicate to you your cell’s charging currents in real

time. As it charges your cells, the display will enable you to determine the progress it has made. It will indicate your batteries’ charged capacity at intervals of 10%.

18650 battery charger4. ADAPTABILITY

The XTAR battery charger has been designed to adapt to any 5 Volt USB power source you may have. It is compatible with your computers’ USB port, cell phone charger, power bank or solar charger.

The moment you plug in the charger to your USB port, it has an automatic feature that adjusts the current from 0.1A to 1.0A.


The VC4 is an efficient charger that will save you lots of time. For starters, it can charge four of your cells at the same time. When it detects reverse polarity, it will immediately indicate this anomaly to you. Even when your batteries are beyond repair or a short circuit occurs in the

charger’s circuitry, for whatever reason, it indicates this.

18650 battery charger


If you have been looking for a charger that charges four of your cells at the same time, then this is your best bet. You can adapt the XTAR 18650 battery charger to use your USB ports and its display gives you accurate, real-time information on the status of your batteries.

So go on ahead and grab your wallets and credit cards. Get yourself the XTAR VC4 18650 battery charger on Banggood. It is a great charger that will give you superb value for your hard earned cash.

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