The xiaomi TV set review – the TV box and TV that you can’t miss


Are you bored of watching low-quality pictures on your TV and want to upgrade? Do you want to multitask using technology in an era when Smart TV is fast becoming popular? About 1 in 3 TV users nowadays use Smart TVs in their homes, where they can watch their favorite things with ease and in high quality. Enter the xiaomi tv box which is the latest and the best affordable tv box present and is getting popular due to the wide range of features that it has.

xiaomi mi box 3s

  1. xiaomi mi box 3s

The best of xiaomi tv is presented in the xiaomi mi box 3s which runs of an s905x quad-core CPU with a speed of 2.0 GHz. The xiaomi box 3s comes with a RAM of 2GB and 2GB of ROM which can handle your daily usage with speed and efficiency. It has a dual band wifi system embedded and works on the android marshmallow OS. You can play high-quality videos and pictures using the xiaomi tv and enjoy it at the convenience of your couch at a very competitive price.

xiaomi mi box 3s

  1. xiaomi tv box 3

Another great product from the xiaomi tv stable is the xiaomi tv box 3. It is a different level of entertainment at your fingertips as you can browse the internet, play games, watch the news and see your favorite tv shows, all by using voice controls and the Google Cast. The xiaomi mi tv box 3 also has features to allow you to watch videos seamlessly and connect to your wifi connection with ease. Now you don’t have to scuffle between your tv and laptop and can combine them together in one place.

xiaomi mi box 3s

Since you have a unbeatable xiaomi mi box 3, if you want the complete experience of a great and smart TV, the xiaomi mi tv 3s would be a perfect bet for you. This is because it comes with features like 4K display and surrounds sound functionality, so its the perfect partner of the xiaomi mi box 4k. The 64-bit processor provides for a rich and smooth video experience and all this can be done without even having any external fitting for turning your living room into a movie theatre. The additional feature of PatchWall makes it remember and sort content as per your choices and preferences and this is what gives you the complete and packaged entertainment.


The xiaomi tv is a virtually frameless tv with full HD display and 3D capabilities. It comes with a Dolby stereo system and is perfect for watching your favorite shows, videos, playing games or surfing the internet as well. You can have it installed and not even feel its presence in the room with its sleek and compact design.


So, this might be the awesome tv and incredible xiaomi tv box for your room that you are always looking for.

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