The Working Principles Of EE2 Atomizer

Electronic cigarette and the virtual cigarettes, mainly used for smoking cessation and alternatives to cigarettes. Make an example as EE2 Atomizer, it has the same appearance as cigarettes, and approximate the taste of cigarettes, even more than the taste of cigarettes, also can suck out like a cigarette smoke, sucked out taste come with feeling.

EE2 AtomizerEE2 Atomizer is to use nicotine replacement therapy, gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarette smoker, indeed very big help to quit smoking. From high to low, decreased gradually. And even if the highest concentration of nicotine content and only a third of ordinary cigarettes, so it can avoid to rely on electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes should be now to give up smoking in nicotine replacement therapy products of the highest success rate. In addition to using nicotine replacement therapy, don’t change to smoke my habitual action is one of the biggest advantage of EE2 Atomizer. That is to say, it will also be able to meet the needs of smokers and, this is very important, because a large proportion of smokers, is can’t get away from this kind of habit, has not only successfully quit smoking.

EE2 Atomizer through high-tech silicon control of smoke and air flow sensors output and working status of nicotine by atomization, the atomized particles into a solution containing the nicotine and essence, absorbed by the lungs, simulation of smoke at the same time. EE2 Atomizer is performed by the air flow sensor, control circuit, circuit, high power integrated circuits, high-frequency ultrasonic generator, atomizing chamber cover, built-in lithium ion batteries and other microelectronic components, through the air flow of modern microelectronics technology to achieve the induction, simulation of smoke, simulated flue gas temperature, high-tech human functions such as standby at any time, at the same time make smokers in inhaled nicotine fog droplets at the same time, to feel the same as traditional cigarette smoking euphoria.

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