The Wonderful Wood Engraver: 1610 3 Axis Mini CNC1610

Getting that picture on your soft board or hardboard might be a desire that may be appearing too hard to accomplish. However, with the ongoing technological advancements, wood art has become more common and easier to do. Many wood artists have come up and are putting all kinds of art on wood. It almost looks like wood has turned into paper. Amongst these inventions on wood art and engraver are the 1610 3 Axis Mini CNC1610.

laser engraver.

The 1610 3 Axis Mini CNC1610 is a laser engraver. The laser engraver comes well packaged in a softwood box and is mostly disassembled. However, this should not be a worry to the customer (the assembling of the laser engraver) since there are numerous YouTube videos on how to assemble the laser engraver. The assembling process is also simple and easy to understand. The assembling process of the laser engraver may take time,  but it’s all for good. Furthermore, a wood artist ought to be patient for the best results. The 1610 3 Axis Mini CNC1610 laser engraver has a sleek silvery look/appearance.

The 1610 Axis Mini CNC1610 has a couple of features. The laser engraver is small (160*100*45mm). Compared to the usual and common industrial wood engravers, this laser engraver is much smaller. Due to its highly reduced size, the laser engraver is easily portable and hence can be used to print on literally any surface even those rigid unmovable wood surfaces such as large logs. Due to its small nature, the laser engraver can also be placed and stored on table tops or desktops. In short, the laser engraver does not require a large storage space.


laser engraver

Additionally, the 1610 Axis Mini CNC1610 is cheap. Industrial wood engravers go for around $10,000. It is too expensive for a primary wood artist. However, the above laser engraver goes for only $244.70. It is relatively cheap and affordable to the primary wood artist. And it acquires the same results as the industrial wood engraver only that it may take more time and may print on fewer pieces of wood compared to the industrial wood engraver.

Also, the 1610 Axis Mini CNC1610 is precise and prints very fine detail. It has the feature of increasing or decreasing density,  and the artist may print whatever they would like,  and it would appear perfectly fine.

laser engraver

The laser engraver has the following pros (in a nutshell); as seen earlier in the text: it is cheap and affordable, it is small hence portable and can be used to print on any wood surface, it prints in very fine detail and in a variety of densities. Also, it can be used to print literally anything you desire; from images to text to logos to signatures, everything.

Its cons include being slow. It takes time to print on the wood. However, it can be left unsupervised. Once the wood artist has instructed the laser engraver on what to print, he/she can go on to do other things.

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