The Ultimate TV experience with Haier 49 Inch TV

Smart TV with 4K Ultra HD video streaming is the next big thing in the market now! With its high-density finish and pixel perfect quality display the 4K HD TVs allow for a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your home! People are beaming into larger screens with additional speakers to turn their living space into a theatrical experience with these TV sets as they make up a better entertainment zone at home!

Haier 55 Inch TV

So be it the 3D animation movies or just a regular football match – the experience of watching it on a high-quality big screen is indeed amazing! With the Haier 49 Inch TV, the dream of bringing home a larger TV with a holistic experience is fulfilled. Haier is a trusted brand all over the world with a high-quality finish and best use of technology. It has brought about products which have been an experience of new entertainment and living style. With this smart TV, the idea of bringing a new experience with quality viewership comes to life!


The Haier 49 Inch smart TV is a slim bezel 49 inches HDR TV that converts a living space into a private theatre. With its support of the high-quality sound system and HD sound effect, the TV promises to create extreme high-quality display backed with an amazing sound quality for a complete theatrical experience.

Haier 55 Inch TV

Unlike the normal TV sets, this one does not need much of space and can be set on the wall to give a theatre like an experience. The smart TV enables viewing of 4k Ultra HD videos on a large screen bringing an experience where every fine detail of the video comes to life. So be it a Sci-Fi movie or the flowing of a scarf in a music video – the high pixel display makes it all very clear and picturesque!


Supporting all formats of TV signal receiving, the Haier TV also supports the display of Netflix, Youtube and other Video portals to be connected to it through Wi-FI and Bluetooth compatibility. It is easily connected to Hard disks, video players and pen drives for display of content bringing in fine details in everything you see. Connect it to your Xbox for a larger than life gaming experience or just watch the regular channels – the Haier 49 Inch TV brings about a big change of experience as compared to the regular TVs. It’s a theatrical experience at your own house!

Haier 55 Inch TV

If you are looking to replace your old TV or finding a way to turn your living space into a better area – the Haier smart TV is the thing to pick! With its video and sound experience, space shall come to life while giving the family reasons to sit together and spend quality time!

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