The reason of using heat shrink tubing

The main purpose of heat shrink tubing is to separate or insulate electrical circuits. Make operative with heat, these plastic tubes exactly shrink over the wires or protected connections they are meant to cover. These heat shrink tubes are available in different diameters from 1/16 inch up to diverse inches. In order to meet the variegated industrial requirements, the tube comes in different lengths. However, the most common length is 36-inch. Joining these products with a superior quality colored plastic electrical tape can securely separate most electrical setup.
Heat Shrink Tube Wire Wrap Cable SleeveThe heat shrink tubing is first and foremost, designed to provide protection to the wires against the environment where it is located. Most industrial and commercial facilities have areas where temperature may easily degrade the external covering of the wires, the strain and pressure to the wire can also cause it to become damaged, causing possible machine wear and tear, and fires. The PTFE tubing is non-reactive and is very durable. The heat shrink tubing can be perfect insulating tools, rejecting heat, water, and dust from compromising the cables, since the heat shrink tubing fits snugly onto the wire; it also doubles the reliability of the wires, minimizing possible risks.
A really innovative way to use the heat shrink tubing is as grips. If your tools have become too slippery to handle due to damaged grips, you can simply use the heat shrink tubing and it will serve as the new grips. The original grips are usually inserted into the tool and can experience wear and tear and in certain cases, could just fall off, increasing the risk of accidents to you or other people. The heat shrink tubing can provide incredible protection for the user. An adhesive lined shrink tubing is very ideal for this situation since it bonds with the surface, reducing chances of the new grips from slipping.
If you use a conductive polymer film together with the heat shrink tubing, you do not have to solder wire splices. The idea is creating a new wire connection by creating a new conductive environment and then adjoining two separate wires together with the use of the heat shrink tubing. This creates the electrical connection and this will provide a new connection and more importantly, added protection for that wire. Soldering is fine, but there are also risks of the actual solder getting compromised. The PTFE tubing or heat shrink tubing is more ideal since it fill fit snugly, creating a perfectly new connection.

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