The promise in Xiaomi smart home technology

Smart home concepts have been dubbed the ” future of the city ” mainly because of its ability to give home dwellers more control over the environment in their homes regardless of the context and location of the dweller. Homeownerslives are made easier through technological automation of the gadgets that characterize their daily lives.


Such factors include home appliances control, entryways such as gates, home heating systems as well as entertainment gadgets. One of the leading promulgators of the new technology is Xiaomi, which have availed cutting-edge gadgets: mi water purifier, xiaomi air purifier 2, xiaomi smart 1080p Wi-Fi ip, xiaomi security camera, xiaomi poc.


· Mi water purifier

The mi water purifier has one of the largest gallons flows at 400 and uses reverse osmosis technology. To monitor water quality, the purifier has a real-time TDS. The filtration speed is also faster, more than eight times compared to several contemporaries. All these factors amalgamate to make the purifier produce one of the finest and pure water for safe drinking.

 xiaomi air purifier 2

· Xiaomi air purifier 2

The new xiaomi air purifier 2 is a perfect solution to the problem of air filled with impurities in our homes. Bad air is more dangerous than poisonous food. The new purifier is designed with real-t time AQI monitoring and covers a large room area of about 400 sq. ft., and does not leave any spot untouched. Like any other Xiaomi smart gadget, it can be synchronized with other gadgets and operated from a smartphone.

 xiaomi smart 1080p wifi i

· xiaomi smart 1080p wifi ip

Available in white and black, the xiaomi ip camera has top-notch features such as motion detection, 110 degrees sensory capacity, CMSOS sensor and has night vision. The sensor xiaomi camera is also portable and thus the homeowner can change it without additional cost in case they are moving out. It is thus perfect for synchronizing smart home gadgets.

The xiaomi security camera provides an ample opportunity to keep an eye on the home while away, on the smartphone. The camera is to enhance its secrecy but has a very powerful coverage due to a 110-degree FOV 1080 p lens. There are three models of the cameras.

 xiaomi mi router

· xiaomi mi router

Xiaomi has several varieties of routers to suit various types of clients, as much as possible. Top of the list is the xiaomi pocket router. The xiaomi router has been applauded by users for its high performance at 4x speed, 80 m coverage and compatibility with other systems such as Android. With this xiaomi wireless router, xiaomi poc is exemplified further, and it is a living testament that the company is well adapted to producing high- quality smart home electronics, concomitantly moving forward with their mission impossible. Whats better, the amazing xiaomi wifi amplifier can solve your WIFI signal problems, for examples, your house is too big or your wall is too thick or your toilet signal is weak, expanding the router signal up to double.



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