The Principle Of Lak-A For Quit-Smoking

We often heard that electronic cigarette is the product for quit-smoking, but do you actually know the principle for it? Lak-A is the extraction of nicotine “mist” are formed by ultrasonic atomization inhalation, is a physical process, the user at the same time of inhaled nicotine fog, felt like a traditional cigarette sense of satisfaction, fully simulates the smoke of the whole process, it does not produce “tar and other harmful gases, no second-hand smoke, smoke is a kind of harm reduction. And ordinary cigarette burning chemical harmful substances such as tar, heavy metals, seriously endangering the health of the inhaler and cause the secondary of the dangers of passive smoking.

The biggest difference between the conventional cigarettes and Lak-A, that is, without burning, no tar, carbon monoxide and nitrous acid, such as toxic substances. At the same time also won’t have very big impact on the people of secondhand smoke. Electronic atomizer is mainly export before, 07, 08 major markets in Europe, then spread to the world, in recent years into the domestic market. Lak-A through the air induction or buttons, make the battery work, connected atomizer, make the heating, evaporation smoke oil, atomization effect, similar to smoking.

Lak-ALak-A uses nicotine (from high to low) of smoke fluid, finally to nicotine concentration of 0 smoke fluid, instead of ordinary cigarette addiction, so that people gradually get rid of the body of nicotine dependence, stop smoking. Referred to as: “nicotine replacement therapy”. Now, the market can ease some pain in the process of quitting smoking.

Compare with traditional cigarette, after refining, Lak-A does not contain harmful to human body of carbon monoxide, particulate matter – tiny particles in the smoke and tar, and no carcinogenic substances. It won’t produce to others “secondhand smoke” the harm and pollution of the environment, in the “smoking area” and the airport and other places around the world have the freedom to use. Even you are not a smoker, Lak-A has elegant appearance, the function of the fashion trendy, can yet be regarded as fashionistas collection of goods.

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