The Power Real-Time Monitoring on your Convenience

Have you ever heard a product that can monitor your android phones current, power, capacity, and voltage? Yes, you read it right! RUIDENG has released a simple yet versatile real-time voltmeter that everyone is talking about. In our present time, most Android phone users are downloading various types of Apps just to secure their devices in to monitor its performance. But none of the said Apps can provide what this product can give.


Not just that, the APP itself can support 18 Languages that most users can understand and enjoy. Also, this device is not limited to only people on the go. In fact, there is a feature that is applicable for home use like real-time monitoring of your home charger, power bank, computer USB and even on your car charger. I can’t imagine that even big factories and laboratories are using this APP, and it’s truly amazing.

MINI DS212 Oscilloscope

Now, let me share with you the 8 core function of RUIDENG UM34 USB Tester

  1. Android App Connection Control

You don’t need a professional installer just to have it installed on your device and at home. What you only need is to download the App to access a real-time detection of USB plug into your devices, its actual capacity, voltage, current, and charging status.

  1. Cable Impedance Detection

This checks the cable connected on every device and detects the voltage drop of each cable. Because every cable has different voltage, that most of the time error may occur.

  1. Quick Charge Recognition

Quick charge recognition mode: QC 2.0 / QC 3.0 / Samsung / Android DCP / Apple 2.4A / 2.1A / 1A / 0.5A. The USB 3.0 port support OPPO phone VOOC.

  1. Voltage, Power Detection, and Current

A real-time detection of devices voltage, current, power, internal resistance, temperature with high-definition display gives you more comfort and security. Plus a multi-function and multi-data in 6 kinds of colorful measurement interface.

  1. Energy and Capacity Detection

You can identify the quality of the devices you are connecting to it, like for the power bank, this device can tell you whether it is good or bad and even real or a fake one.

  1. Load Connecting Detection Function

When your device screen is off and a new load is connected, the device screen auto lightning to let you know some load is being detected.

  1. Help Interface

The product itself has English and Chinese help interface.

  1. Screen rotates in 4 directions

Whatever position this device is positioned, you can always read what is on the screen since it can be rotated in 4 different directions.

MINI DS212 Oscilloscope


Now that you have the glimpse of how this product works, I bet you alone may be interested in having 1 at least for your personal use or even at home. I want you to experience the same thing I have used this product. So what are you waiting for, RUIDENG UM34 USB Tester are up for grab!

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