The Portable and Nice BT300 Bluetooth Headset Review

For people who often have to receive phones call even when driving cars. They do need a some Bluetooth devices to help them receive and make phone calls without hands. Bluetooth headsets have been launched long time ago. They are ideal choice for many car owners. Today, i got a BT300 Bluetooth headset, which is the smallest headset ever, as the manufacturer said.
BT300 Bluetooth HeadsetDesign:
There are four models of black, white, pink and mint green. I don’t now if it is the smallest headset ever, but actually it is quite small, with the size of around two coins. The whole headset is very simple with just a earplug and a little bar. The package includes a earhook for easy and convenient wearing. I don’t like the hook that much because i feel uncomfortable after long-time wearing it. But when i know this headset is just priced at 5.48 dollars, i don’t think i can blame it. To be honest, this BT300 Bluetooth Headset is very light and small.
BT300 Bluetooth Headset BT300 Bluetooth Headset
The performance:
This BT300 Bluetooth supports V2.1+EDR Bluetooth. They said the transmission range is about 10 meters. I tested with my cellphone, and it showed that the range was about 10 meters. When i walked more than 10 meters with my phone away this headset, the sound started to fade. The talking time of 3 hours is kinda enough for me, and this is ranked above the average. The standby time is about 58 hours, while they this one has 60 hours. The charging time for 1.5 to 2.5 hours is pretty good.

BT300 Bluetooth Headset specs:
BT300 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth version:V2.1+EDR
Bluetooth mode:Hands free/Headset/AV/AV RCP profile
Radio frequency:2.4GHz
Transmit power:Class2
Transmission range:about 10M
Power charger:AC Input 110-240DC output 5V
Talking time:about 3H
Standby time:about 60H
Charging time:1.5-2.5 hours
Transmission distance: 10M
Battery:Rechargeable polymer battery
Size: Approx. 35 x 1.3 x 1.8cm
Length of the charger cable:about 47cm
Net weight:40g

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