The necessary parts for DIY Arduino entry beginner

Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform which is used by many people who are interested in electronics. This tool is perfect for both advanced users and entry beginners. However, you need some skills in electronics to connect the components of your project and set up the Arduino software. Having said that, the kit has a comprehensive documentation and tutorials which can help you learn how to use it. There are many Arduino kits and the best ones should have all the important components that a professional user requires.

arduino starter kit

Necessary parts for DIY Arduino

Arduino Uno Board

This is the most important thing in the arduino starter kit. The board can be programmed to enable you to control the entire project. The basic model is for beginners but if you want to build a complex project, you can go for Arduino Mega which is more powerful.



It is a unique sheet of plastic which has numerous holes on top and special metal rails underneath. It enables you to insert jumper wires and components in the rows of holes. This tool enables you to arrange electronic components and solder them according to your circuit design. It is a testing tool for quick assembly of electronic parts and checking if they work as expected.

arduino starter kit

USB Cable

The cable enables you to connect the board to your PC or a power supply. It enables you to transmit data from the computer to the board when programming it. It also sends the signals to the board when erasing the program. In addition, it supply’s the power which is necessary for the components to work.



The 5mm LEDs come in various colors. They can be red, yellow, green or white. Some can be a single RGB LED which features 4 pins for each color and a common cathode or ground pin. Typically, the LED leg on the flat side is usually negative or ground pin. In addition, positive pins are longer than negative ones. If you are an Arduino beginner, you can make a project for blinking the LEDs before moving on to advanced projects with complex code.

arduino starter kit

Push button switch

Arduino starter kit push button is used to complete or break electrical circuits when pressed. The push button is usually connected to an LED light which shows if the current is flowing or not. NC or normally closed switches must be pressed to break the circuit while NO or normally open switches are activated to complete a circuit.


Jumper Wires

Jumper wires are used to for supplying power to the breadboard. They also connect the breadboard to the Arduino Uno Board. The wires are color coded and the color of the jumper wires is used to organize the circuit of a project. The universal standard states that red is for positive and black for ground. However, your project will still work perfectly if you don’t follow the rule. You should ensure that the connection in your circuit is correct to avoid damaging the components.

arduino starter kit


There are many types of resistors. The ones that come with Arduino kit are 10k Ohm, 220 Ohm Resistor and more. Resistors limit current flow in electronic components. Resistors protect components that need a small amount of power from being damaged by excess power. They have color bands which enables you to know their resistance and the right capacitor to use.

arduino starter kit


A complete Arduino platform should have all the basic components mentioned above. If you have a complete Arduino starter kit, you can make basic or advanced projects that can read or communicate data efficiently. You can advise your fellow electronic students to use this platform to nurture their electronic skills.

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