The Look Of A Smart Home (part 2)


Since we already had the xiaomi smart body weight scale that will ensure the health of all family members so that you and your family can have a more balanced diet, and we also had the xiaomi wireless socket plug that can be remote controlled wherever you are, we still feel not enough.

 xiaomi remote control

Original-Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote-Control Multifunctional-Gateway

This xiaomi remote control gateway comes with 1200 internet radio-broadcast that enables you to immerse yourself in the depth of live radio experience. The 16 million R.G.B lights featured offers night lights with different brightness levels and color schemes. There is also a custom ring that enables you to upload MP3 as well as record songs as a bell. For a more aesthetic appeal, there is a unique personality doorbell ring. This xiaomi multi-functional remote control gateway can be used in all kinds of housing environments as its lighting features can seamlessly blend in with your home’s ambiance. By use of its nightlight function, any intruder passes by and is captured by the human body sensor.

Xiaomi LOOCK

XIAOMI MIJIA-LOOCK Classic-Digital Thumbprint-Biometric Fingerprint Lock

One of the most noticeable features of this Xiaomi LOOCK is the ZigBee technology that basically features a high-speed wireless communication at a relatively low power. The product works by turning off all the lights in your house after the door is closed and so should anything else happens after that, the device through your smartphone immediately raises the alarm that all is not well. For maximum security, there are 4 different unlock options namely the password, the key, the mobile phone Bluetooth and the fingerprint. There is also the main and the hidden fingerprint recognition features and a powerful anti-breaking ability. There is a reminder function that is activated in case the wrong fingerprint or password is detected.



These are just some of the smart home devices that any standard home should endeavor to have like the intelligent xiaomi weight scale. They are not only effective in detecting potential security breaches but are also relatively cheaper. Users have not posted any major drawbacks aside from the fact that some are remarkably difficult to install. However, that’s why we have professionals anyway.


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