The Look Of A Smart Home (part 1)



Imagine being able to lock your fridge by remote control miles away from your home, or being able to switch on or off the lights so as to conserve power or to set a particular ambiance before you get home from a tiring day at work. Or better yet, tracking the security of your home while on a long holiday so as to prevent possible security breaches.


The thing is, these are not fantasies from a fiction movie but the reality in quite a few homes. In fact, it is only a matter of time before the concept of smart home is embraced as a necessity other than luxury. The only challenge still faced today is that many of the smart home devices are quite costly. However, manufacturers are working day and night to ensure they come up with less-costly appliances and some of these will be the basis of this article.

 xiaomi weight scale

The Original-Xiaomi Smart Body-Scale Bluetooth4.0

The xiaomi weight scale is a smart device that works in-sync with the Xiaomi Sports App(Android iOS) to monitor the physiological changes in your body anytime, anywhere so as you can track the minute transformation processes that do not normally manifest physically. With this device, you can successfully follow a fitness and diet plan by using the information on your Body Mass Index. It takes your weight and stores it on a special chip and from there, data on family members as many as 16 is collated and interpreted.

xiaomi weight scale

The Original-Xiaomi Intelligent Wi-Fi Wireless Remote-Control Smart-Socket

Exits the weight scale, enter the xiaomi wifi plug smart socket which is so far the world’s smallest smart socket. If you are often nagged by fears of your socket blowing up, then you may want to try out this product and find out what it has to offer in terms of power security. To begin with, the shell of this socket can resist flames up to 750-degrees Celsius so whenever the heat becomes so unbearable in the socket, you can be sure your charging devices will remain secure. There is a super quality phosphor bronze of 0.6mm used to line its interior walls as well as 1.6mm plugs that are made of brass for maximum durability and rust-resistance. Users are especially happy with the small, sleek design that is deceptively telling of the high utility of this smart socket.


You think that will be already done? Not yet, we’ll talk about the smart xiaomi remote control gateway that is multi-functional and the xiaomi digital high-tech door lock that will secure the safety of you and your family 24/7 in the next chapter.

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