The intelligent E-cigarette generation comes with VAMO V6 Variable Wattage Electronic Cigarette Kit

Now many things are intelligent, such as mobile phones, cameras. If i tell you E-cigarettes kit can be intelligent too, will that surprise you? I am not kidding. Actually there’s such a kind of intelligent E-cigarette kit, VAMO V6 Variable Wattage Electronic Cigarette Kit.
VAMO V6(1)Why i say it’s intelligent? First of all, this E-cigarette allows you to adjust wattage form 3.0W to 20.0W in 0.5 increments. That means, you can adjust the puff and create your own awesome puff. I have seen users created amazing puff in their videos, which is really cool.

As we all know, the life for E-cigarette kits are pretty short. VAMO V6 Variable Wattage Electronic Cigarette Kit provides current limit, reverse connection, over-temperature monitoring, short out and load protection. All of these, is to make its service life last longer.
VAMO V6(2)What’s more, VAMO V6 Variable Wattage Electronic Cigarette Kit is equipped with intelligent LED screen, which can display puff count, battery remaining power, and output voltage/wattage. You can set the parameters according to your favor.

In addition, you can set smoking time from 5 to 30s. For example, if you set the time to 5s, then when the time reaches 5s, you can see “over time stop” on the screen and the battery will cut the power automatically. This will really help you to quit smoking and meanwhile give your E-cigarette kit better protection.
VAMO V6(3)And the most interesting thing is that VAMO V6 Variable Wattage Electronic Cigarette Kit can charge up your mobile phone. It’s really convenient that this kind of E-cigarette kit can charge up two frequently-used things. What’s more, it is made from stainless steel, which makes it very smooth and stylish.

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