The Ideal Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2018

The technological development has led to the creation of numerous make-work-easy devices, and very soon, devices to even spoon feed us will be at our disposable. Housekeeping usually involves a lot of energy and time-consuming hassles that range from the arrangement of items, dusting surfaces as well as cleaning the areas to a complete makeover point. However, the latest robotic technologies and enhancements have created a vacuum cleaner that greatly reduces much of the hassles required. The robotic qualities and efficiencies at work deliveries should, however, be considered.

Robot Vacuum

Xiaomo Mi Robot 2

Being one of the best rate eco-friendly devices, the Xiaomi Mi robot is a spectacular device in both design and operation delivering excellent indoor cleaning services. The Xiaomi MI robot houses a water tank, mop, and brushes on the forward compartments with its speakers, dust collection tray and the control panel on top. The incorporation of circular rotational brush increases its cleaning efficiency with a powerful motor for the dust sucking activity.


The control panel houses the latest technology with Wi-Fi control abilities. The powering is derived from a strong and durable 5200mAh battery that ensures cleaning activities proceed with precision and high levels of standard. The Mi robot Robot Vacuum schedule is controlled by a mobile app that sets the given task schedule.

xiaomi smart remote

Neato Botvac

With high levels of technological advancements, the Neato Botvac vacuum cleaner incorporates an advanced level technology similar to the navigation power in self-driven cars. The Botvac robot uses laser beams to scan its environment during the cleaning exercise, putting to note on the obstructions on its pathway. With incredibly high suction powers, and turbo modes for extreme suctions, the Botvac robot is controlled by an android and iOS app and is super excellent at cleaning services.

Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 980

Retailing at around $1,000, the iRobot is the well-known robot cleaner in the market with the latest technological advancements. The Roomba robot has the capability if navigating multiple rooms with auto-suction adjustment proficiency when required. With the return to dock station advancement when battery power runs out, the iRobot is the dream home cleaning device. Connect to Google, the online assistant commands the device on when to start, stop or dock as per schedule in the online platform.

Robot Vacuum

Samsung VR9300K Robot Vacuum

For the ultimate dust and fluff suctions from the mat, the VR9300K robot delivers beyond expectations. Available at relatively cheaper prices, the VR9300K robot can bounce off walls with no damage as well the ability to navigate around obstacles within a room. With excellent features such as turbo power, auto, manual and dust sensor, VRX9300K becomes the most envied household cleaner.

Robot Vacuum

Hoover Robo

The Hoover Robo cleaner is coupled with silencing capabilities that allows for its function without making too much noise. With quality and effective sweeper brushes and a powerful suction, the Hoover is also enabled to pick up larger items. The advanced technology enables the Robo to be android and iOS controlled.


The engagement of these robotic devices for the cleaning services of our homes will greatly reduce our worries in carrying out indoor cleaning activities. Furthermore, the general home hygiene will be much improved making the utilization of robotics the perfect answer inconvenient home cleaning.

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