The HD reader ONYX BOOX T68 for those who like to read HD comics

Electronic readers are getting more and more popular. You can often see the people who use e-readers to read books in all kinds of occasions. And among the people who have and use such gadgets, the users using them to read comics account for a great part. Today i will recommend a excellent e-reader–ONYX BOOX T68, which has outstanding big screen giving you the exquisite and delicate display effect. It is suitable for those who like reading comics and good for the money. So far, this device is only priced at 227.99 dollars, affordable with powerful features. Now, lets check it out!
ONYX BOOX T68(2)It comes with a 6.8-inch screen, and the resolution is up to 1440*1080 pixels. The built-in Cortex-A9 processor with the 1GHz, is matched with 512M RAM and 4GB internal storage which can be extended to 36 GB with a SD card. The android4.0-running T68 can be used to read novels, comics without any problems. The size of this device is even smaller than a 5A book, which makes it more portable for you to carry along with. Cooperating with a HD 6.8-inch screen, this size has perfectly integrated the portability and the reading requirements.

The android4.0 supports different kinds of the-third-party reading apps like Ireader, Anyview, besides pre-installed mainstream reading apps including Onyxreader, Fbreader, Coolreader and other apps which supports pdf\epub\mobi\txt\chm\html and other common formats. Users can install the reading apps in T68 they often use in mobile phones, or MID, without losing reading records. What’s more, this gadget also supports QQ, facebook, whatsapp, google chrome and many other hit apps.
The key setting of the ONYX BOOX T68 has been changed a lot based on the last generation. The two keys on the right side are designed for you to turn the pages, while those on the left side are function key and backspace key respectively. And the key on the bottom has been transform into the connection of five-dimension navigation key and light turning-on key. The advantage of this is relatively obvious: the situation that apps with incidental flash can’t be used because the function setting can’t be access. Meanwhile, with the help from the five-dimension navigation, we can do any operations perfectly without touching the screen.
ONYX BOOX T68(3)All in all, as the hit brand in the e-reader industry, Onyx BOOX has launched a series of products suitable for different kinds of groups. The newly launched ONYX BOOX T68 has large capacity while supporting the TF card, suitable for those who like reading comics. It can connect the network, so that you can read the new contents as soon as the update comes. Also, you can download it anytime and anywhere to make it convenient for you to read it later. Plus such a portable size, you can’t beat it.

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