The Evaluation Of 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Reader

Color screen ebook reader can be use in reading, watching video and view images, etc., compare with e-ink screen ebook reader, with more competitive in functions. 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Reader is a kind of color screen ebook reader with multiple functions. 7 inch color screen is big enough, more suitable to read color magazines and watch high definition videos.
The Evaluation Of 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Reader8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Reader have two types of color, pure white and pure black. Using plastic material for whole design, make the machine thin and light, then easy to carry. With a 7 inch touch screen, this size also make the reader looks uncommon. The screen resolution is reach to 800*480, with soft backlight and comfortable visual feeling, is fit to reading for a long time and reading in depth. It is not only can reading color books, magazines, PDF documents and other electronic books, also can viewing photos, gallery, or watching 720P high definition film. The abundant functions is more popular by youngers.
8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Reader supports TXT, PDF, FB2, EPUB, HTM, PDB, RTF, MOBI and other formats electronic books. There were have been the color screen, the ebook reader can be use in read PDF, PDUB and other built-in colorful images, it really enrich the use range of reader, with better compatibility, then can be read more kinds of ebooks. 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Reader also can change different reading background, automatic identify chapters and pause it intelligence. Supports hand touch, record the important information at any time, it is very practical for TXT document.
It is worth to be mention that this ebook reader has an excellent performance in watching comics, thanks for the color screen, the high resolution and accurate color brings the amazing visual feast without doubt. Even e-ink screen has eye protecting and other advantages, but the simple color looks boring, compare with it, digital high definition color screen has better performance in reaction speed and color. Although 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen eBook Readers an ebook reader, it still play well in music function. Expect to support common MP3 music, it also supports APE and FLAC format. And at the same time of playing music, it also supports 3D sound settings and equalizer settings. In the aspect of video, this ebook reader can realize output by HDMI port. You can share your favorite films to friends and family conveniently.

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