The Doodler – An incredible 3D-Printing Pen (part 1)

3d printer penDoodling in 3 Dimensions

The best way to pass boredom is a pen and paper. Doodling has helped everyone pass the time along, and even released their stress and confuse. Traditional doodling may now be a thing of the 20th century. A Boston-based startup, WobbleWorks LLC, created the 3Doodler, the world’s first handheld 3d printer pen. The company, started by Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue, recently showcased the pen on Kickstarter with some hesitancy of a proper goal, but man did the public show some interest.

3d printer pen

The 3D printing pen doing its job

You can describe the pen as a handheld 3d printer. The pen operates without software, minimal instructions, and plenty of possibilities. The makers wanted it like this so that any person can grab hold of it and start doodling in minutes, creating their own masterpiece.


The 3Doodler 3d printer pen is quite easy to use. First, you need to allow it 2-3 minutes to heat up. After all, it needs to melt the plastic material. Speaking of the material, it accepts the commonly used ABS and PLA. Since the tip of the pen will reach more than 250 C, treat it like a hot glue gun and supervise children’s free-form printing. The user can select two different speeds for the flow of the material. When the plastic leaves the tip, it quickly hardens and maintains its shape. In all, they are very easy to operate, even a child will know how to use it in seconds, and it can be used to make any shape and object you want.


It is lightweight to hold and be taken to anywhere. It supports Micro-USB power and can be shared with the Android phone power cord, or powerbank power supply. Also, the intelligent heat ceramic nozzles are not easy to clog, with exquisite design and knob disassembly, so the maintenance cost is almost zero.


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