The comparison of the pointer multimeters and digital multimeters to help you choose a multimeter suitable for you

The Picture of Best Digital MultimetersPointer multimeters and digital multimeters have their own advantages and weakness respectively. Pointer multimeters is a kind of average-value multimeters. The needle directly point out the readings, which is very easy to read. And best digital multimeters samples every 0.3 seconds, the result each time it gets just very close not exactly the same, thus it will be inconvenient to read the result on it compared with the pointer meters. And the pointer metes usually have smaller internal resistance due to no amplifier.

With the built-in transporting circuit, the internal resistance of digital meters can be made bigger which can be more than 1M ohm, meaning that it can get higher sensitivity. And this can pose less effect on the circuit under test and bring with better accuracy. As for pointer meters, because they have lower resistance and often adopt discrete components to make current and voltage shunt circuit, they have less average frequency characteristics than digital ones. However, they cost less, have less functions, easier to maintain and have stronger current and voltage passing capacity, with more simple internal structure.

Digital meters have many kinds of circuit such as oscillation circuit, amplification circuit, frequency division protection circuit and etc, so they have more functions. You can measure the temperature, frequency(within a rather low range), capacitance, inductance or use it as signal generator. Because of its internal structure which often use integration circuits, digital meters perform worse than pointer ones in overloading and it is not easy for you to repair them. The voltage output of them is pretty low(usually not more than 1V). As a result, it is inconvenient to use it to test some components with special voltage characteristics while pointer meters can do this. However, you should admit digital meters have strong functions, better anti-interference capacity and accuracy than pointer meters.
The Picture of Best digital multimeters
With CMOS integrated circuits, the original double-integrating the A / D conversion, automatic zeroing, automatic polarity selection, overrange indication, LCD screen with high contrast 70x40MM big screen, word up to 25MM, the BEST digital multimeter is definitely your best choice. If you press the observation position needed, the display screen will freely change the angle of about 70°, to obtain the best observation. What’s more, with automatic shutdown function, about 15 minutes after the boot it will automatically cut off the power to avoid the situation that users forget to turn off the power, which is cost-efficient and environment-friendly. Repeating the operation of the power switch, you can continue the boot. New optimized design provides you with the highly reliable range and function rotary switch structure. To avoid misuse, it is designed with 32 stalls. All in all, digital multimeter is absolutely an exllent choice for professional electrical multimeter.

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