The care and maintenance of Raspberry Pi car monitor

A lot of people have been installed Raspberry Pi car monitor for their car. With the popularity of car monitor, the problems of how to maintain it, become the focus of user attention. Most people wipe the screen hardly with a damp cloth, scraped a protective film coating on the LCD screen, resulting in blurred display. So we should maintain our car monitor in the right way.

Raspberry Pi car monitorIn fact, many people do not know there is a layer of film outside the Raspberry Pi car monitor’s screen. This layer of film can play a role in the elimination of reflective LCD screen. It is intolerant rub, if you force to clean, even cut through the screen, so that the liquid crystal of LCD screen flow out. Understanding of this knowledge, we should clean the screen targeted. Therefore, when cleaning the dirt on the LCD monitor, do not wipe so hard. In addition, do not wipe with your hand, that will not only leave traces, but may also be scratching the LCD screen.

So, what should we do specifically for Raspberry Pi car monitor? We should follow the requirement step by step according to the operation. When we wipe the screen, be sure that you use a LCD cleaning cloth or a soft towel, also can be a soft cloth of glasses. When you are cleaning, do not be too hard, your action must be light. Otherwise, it will be very easy to scratch the screen. If there is only the dust, you can use a dry cloth or paper towel, wipe the LCD screen in the same direction along gently. By this operation, you can initially clean dust which is accumulated for a long time on the screen. What is more, if there are stubborn stains on the screen, you can use a soft cloth with cleaning agent to wipe the screen, and then use a dry cloth to clean once. I hope your screen can keep clean.

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