The Best USB Tester In Town

The world is a global village currently. This is so because of the advances that have taken place in the computing technology. Various countries around the world have even gone to the extent of traveling to outer space because of the time; effort and resources they have put in research and development which have made them achieve these fetes. From the initial computers that used vacuum coolers and transistors from the first and second generation computers to the current super and mainframe computers. The world has been turned into a small playground where people can communicate easily using WhatsApp, Facebook and even Skype with geographical disparities being there. People who use these various social sites to communicate and want to conduct research require therefore the help of a computer/ computing device. The most used device, in this case, is the personal computer (PC) and even mobile phones that are powered by android/ mac technology.


In order to have a network for faster and easier communication anyone requires various cables from one utility to another. The utility can be another computer, a server, a printer and even a photocopier. These cables or interconnections are done with the help of a universal service bus (USB) kind of cables. This may have faulty connections or even have a higher capacity and voltage ranges for them to function appropriately. This, therefore, necessitated for the creation of a tool that will reduce the probability of destroying a PC and other utilities that are connected to it by either an upsurge of current or blowing off of installed capacitors.

USB Tester

This device is referred to as a USB meter. They come in various types; either the Bakeey UM24/UM24C or Bakeey UM25/UM25C. What are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these and enjoy the range of benefits which are expounded on below.


It comes with a unique package for all the android users who form the largest chunk of the world’s cellphone users to use this USB Tester. It comes with 3 universal ports (male, female and micro USB) for easier and more connections to be made that ensure efficient monitoring of ones’ PC. Do not be left out of such a utility that offers three ports at a go for total functionality. It also comes with four buttons having the following uses; regulating the OLED lighting together with the up and down buttons.

USB Tester

Another key advantage is that it uses Bluetooth connectivity between a PC and another mobile phone. This also comes with a feature that enables the exportation of files to Excel form. This is to help in data analysis. If you are therefore engaged in data and analysis operations this will help you save on space required to store the excel application in your PC.


Good benefits here; go ahead and get one USB tester! To finalize on this it is easier to update the software app of this USB tester from various app stores. This ensures that you are not left out on any future add-ons that are replicated to our product. This is for those using phones having an android version of 5.0 onwards whereas the PC has to have a Windows 7 to any other recent versions. Do not be let out of this utility, get yours, go and get one right now!

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