The best MX Android TV Box review

MX Android TV BoxThe MX Android TV Box is not only a player, but also a computer for household entertainment. With the mouse, it can transform into a android 4.2 tablet. You can move your mouse, create shortcut and download the apps you want. Can’t all of these shows that this is a tablet which consume less power?

This box comes with the newest dual-core AML8726-MX CPU, with 1.6GHz and independent quad-core MALI 400MP GPU. The operation of this tv box is really smooth. It can bring agile response to you. What’s more, the Mali400 GPU provide you with 1080P HD decoding. You can have the enjoyment you have at movie theater. The 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8 GB NAND flash have been built in this MX Android TV Box. All these firmwares ensure that this tv box can give you excellent experience of watching tv, play games, chatting, and etc.
MX Android TV BoxWith the android 4.2 OS, which is faster and more fluent than the 4.1 , this tv box is suitable for tv with big screens. It supports wire and wireless net surfing, with built wifi module. There are rich resource online, including all kinds of apps, movies. That’s why you can totally use it as a computer. It can satisfy all the requirements from all the family members. For example, you can play some cartoons for your children, and you can use it to sing karaoke to relax yourself. This wonderful MX Android TV Box supports QQ, MSN, Skype an other video chatting programs. I think it is really cool to have video chat with the TV, with bigger screen and better stereo sound.

This Box supports 1080p full HD movie playing and all the common music formats and picture formats. Also, it supports weather report, calender and desktop clock. If you want to share the movie from your cellphone or PC, it is no problem. With DLMA DMR, the files can be shared among TV box, PC and cellphone. To be another amazing point, you can use your cellphone as the remote to control the box. This is really good, since most remote aren’t very durable. And plus a original and unique UI, you won’t be disappointed for the money you paid.MX Android TV Box

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