The best Mini Laser Engravers in 2021

MLaser cutter engravers are a must-have in any workshop. They offer you the flexibility to leave your mark on just about anything, they make are customizing a breeze. With so many on the market and so much to think about it can be hectic to make a decision.

There are some factors to consider when getting the best mini laser engraver.

  • Functionality-know the purpose as to why you are buying the laser engraver and for what materials.
  • Software-Most mini laser engravers have their customized software to control and operate the engraver
  • Picking the Manufacturer- a strong warranty and provides technical support is key here. Enquire if the company produces and provides spare parts for the engraver in case of a breakdown.

Let’s dive in!

 Orion Motor Tech 80W Co2 Laser Engraver

mini laser engraver

This laser engraver is ideal for almost any smooth surface and comes with a red dot pointer to make results more precise. this laser engraver provides an intuitive user experience to make operation quick and easy as it is equipped with a DSP control system that supports most vector graphic formats,

It has a high power laser that offers 80W of power, Light burn software included that supports, Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX, and Linux programs. It supports a multitude of materials. It is great for both home and business use.

WAINLUX Store Laser Engraving Machine

mini laser engraver

The mini laser machine can work on rubber, dark plastic, wood, mobile phone case, bamboo, paper, acrylic, and greeting card. It is compatible with both Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP and Mac OS-10.13/14/15 OS.

It is an Engraving machine that works without limit on engraving height and size of the material. Doesn’t heat up like other machines and makes minimal noise.

Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine 40w

mini laser engraver

This mini laser engraving machine offers a 40W of power. This allows it to cut through double-color planks, organic plastic, wood, leather, fabrics, crystal, and more quite efficiently. This machine also works well when it comes to seal engraving, garments, or toys. Its engraving speed, which is 1-300 mm per second is amazing

This mini laser is equipped with a superior laser head that Provides effective heat dissipation. Supports all the formats of CorelDraw on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 and Supports engraving of wide applications.


These are just a number of the best options available for mini laser engravers. They differ in their software, comprehension, and functionality. But they get the job done and provide solid options. Even if you aren’t a practiced engraver, you can easily get started trying out customizing your items and giving personally crafted presents to friends and family.

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