The best lock pick set – Goso hook Lock Pick Review

Locks picking is always a controversial topic. Some people think it is illegitimate. What they can think about lock picking is the burglary and other crimes. But for some people, it is just a hobby they like. And sometimes this hobby can be very useful when it turns out the key has gone when you are gonna the door of your house. GOSO is always a well-known brand for lock pick tools. If you already own the kick start set then this is the next set you need to increase your tool set and the number locks you can open.
Included in this set
20 x Goso Single-hook Lock Pick
4 x Tension Wrench
1 x Leather cover case
This set is a good selection of lock picks, rakes, hook picks and a dimple rake, coming in a handy zippered leather case, which is convenient for your collection and carrying. Check this video out, you can get more information of this Goso hook Lock Pick.

And also this, more detailed information of each tool, including the usage, materials, appearance and etc.

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