The Best Digital USB Tester in 2019

What item do you use to measure voltage and amperage of your device? The numerous accessories on the market promise accurate data for current reading. In this review, we will focus on one that is gaining in popularity. The USB charger doctor, that has a compact design to show you how much electrical current is going into your device that you are charging when in use of a USB port, Micro USB charger, a USB charger and more.

USB Charger Doctor

With this Digital USB tester, you can easily find out the speed of your USB cables and chargers that charge your unit. No longer will you have to second-guess their performance leading to an accurate reading giving you a natural process of removing the bad from the good items.

USB Charger Doctor

It is inclusive of a quick charge recognition feature: QC2.0, QC3.0, Android DCP, APPLE 2.4A and 2.1A with 1A or0.5A, to ensure your device safely performs with zero issues. The 64 types of collocation options that include temperature, brightness, minute measurement, allow you to test the different performance levels for any error detection. Also, this item has a 5-bit precision thermometer function for you to switch between C and F easily.

USB Charger Doctor

When your power bank is fully charged, the power bank capacity calculation method allows you to connect it to UT25 unit with your appliance. Also, it lets you safely discharge to stop output. This digital USB voltage and amperage tester comes with three kinds of universal ports including a male and female ports to ensure it is compatible with most data sync and USB cable giving you a smooth operation.

Moreover, this product is easy to use with the plug and play technology. Just plug it into a charger or a USB port, then quickly connect it to your device. It will show the precise amount of voltage and amperage that goes into your device as it charges. It comes with a red casing that promotes easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, it adds additional aesthetic beauty to its overall look and its surroundings.

USB Charger Doctor

How to use it

If you have an installed adapter driver, you can safely uninstall it and, then plug in again, and the inbuilt system that will install it automatically. The modern technology boasts of PC software that supports PC windows 7 and above and 14 kinds language such as Chinese, Russia, English plus more for added user convenience.

Cautions when using it

For PC users when using the Bluetooth adapter for a Bluetooth connection, ensure you don’t use the own adapter driver but a windows compatible Bluetooth driver. The reason for this is because the module is unable to create SSP series port channel.

Another safety measure is that this unit only supports android version 5.0+. Check your device’s android version to ensure it is recommended.


To conclude, you can have a device that lets you know the voltage rate of your device. This Digital USB Tester is efficient and provides accurate data. Also, the plug and play feature gives you smooth use. For more details about the product, please check here.

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