The Best Camera Monitor: 7 Inch LCD Camera Monitor Review

With 16:9 aspect-ratio LCD screen, user-friendly operating interface, supporting 1080p full HD video signal, HDMI and BNC/RCA output ports, NTSC/PAL output, 3G/HD/SDI input or output, 7 inch LCD Camera Monitor provides you professional and high-quality monitoring. If you are looking for a camera monitor, you can check this review out.
7 inch LCD Camera MonitorThis camera monitor has been through strict color and ratio calibrations, so it can provide you accurate image restoring to let you capture more accurate images. There are metal nuts embedded on the back and the bottom to make it convenient for you to fix different kinds of adapter brackets,

Magic hands, and etc. There are four kinds of focus assistance modes, which includes normal display, focus assistance, black and white focus and black and white focus mode. Under the focus assistance mode, the monitor can give you high brightness crisperding display of the object focused, so you can get accurate and easy focusing in the complex environment. Black and white mode, just as the name implies, you can get black and white display to eliminate the disturbance from color to better set up the light source, frame and compose landscape.
7 inch LCD Camera Monitor 7 inch LCD Camera Monitor
As for black and white focus mode, the monitor filter colors and display objects with high-brightness cirspering. Finally, under normal mode, what you see in your eyes are what you get from monitor.

Carrying BNC, RCA female, HDMI and other transforming ports, 7 inch LCD Camera Monitor supports all SDI, HDMI and HD input signals. However, it is worth mentioning this monitor also provide you with the relaying output function for video signals. With strong compatibility, it can do you a great favor in your filming.

There are unique signals to control the LED backlight, to give you the brightness of 250cd/m, which confirmed to be the best for comfortable viewing. And the contrast of 500:1 makes the dark gray appearing in the pure black display totally disappear, which means 7 inch LCD Camera Monitor can give you richer image layers.
7 inch LCD Camera Monitor 8With the wide DC input voltage range of 5.8V to 16.8V, F1 almost supports all kinds of camera power sources. What’s more, there are 3 kinds of landscape display modes, including 16:9, 4:3 and AUTO under which the monitor will automatically detect the signal and choose the right landscape display ratio for you.

To ensure the perfect power supply, 7 inch LCD Camera Monitor comes with an external battery holder fit for many kinds of batteries. And to be another attractive point, this monitor is equipped with a PVC sun shade which is convenient to carry along with and mount with velcro fast mounting.

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