TEVO Tornado Printer Kit Overview

TEVO, a Chinese printer brand gave us a lackluster printer build kit with its Tevo Tarantula model that joins its new tornado, which is a large scale printer that comes assembled but fits perfectly on the user’s desk. It is bed heated through Titan extruder and AC which makes it stand out in the affordable 3D printing pack and TEVO improves on by shipping this one out 95% assembled by bypassing a lot of complaints about confusing instructions thus improving itself already.

TEVO Tornado


This printer has a striking colour with a bright green frame element with a red printer bed stickers combining for a Christmasy look. Its frame takes that inspiration of the creality CR 10, but taking of the Titan extruder is all TEVOs design. Tevo Titan extruder is always mounted to the left of the axis such that when you look straight on it will push the filament through a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) tube into the hot end.

The kit

When you order your printer, it comes in a box thoroughly padded with foam filled with bags of labeled screws and including the extras which are kept in hand incase anything comes loose or you will want to use it later in life. There is also a scraper that helps you to take off the prints from the bed, which is a spatula-like blade that has a wooden handle, with necessary power cords and SD cards with test design.

Printing process   

It is a manual bed level, although the power is down below the leveling and the printing, you can come across a bug that wipes out your control box settings. TEVO had to address the issue to help connect the printer to the computer to awaken its backup. This is an issue that comes in the middle of printing and it is not easily fixed because the print does not give an indication of the problem, which merely stops printing in the middle of the design.

We found an issue with the SD card that came from the printer kit that was related to the methodically examining mechanical parts for connections that may have software error messages or gotten loose. But once we transfer the design to a USB drive and used it to feed the design to the Tornado, it printed the whole thing without a hitch and with future projects that used a personal favorite brand of SD card.

Final verdict  

Tevo Tornado is a great improvement over the previous TEVO kits in both final product quality and assembly ease. It is priced at a low-end fully-assembled machine and does have print quality issues to overcome but it may worth it for you for the printing area alone.

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