TASI TA8141 tachometer – a non-contact and accurate measurement equipment

A few days ago, I surfed in the Internet and found an useful and helpful equipment – TASI TA8141 tachometer. It is used to test the turns of the machine. The special place is that it is non-contact and achieving accurate measurement. Next, let me show some details about it.
TASI TA8141These are the pictures of TASI TA8141 tachometer. The prominent place is the LCD display, which can be used in dark, moreover, showing 5 digit with maximum reading of 59, 999. Therefore, it has a wide range of the measurement from 2.5RPM to 59, 999 RPM, and high-resolution. It can emit laser that why I say it is non-contact and the adjustable measurement distance is from 50mm to 500mm.
TASI TA8141 review TASI TA8141 tachometer reviewWhat’ s more, it is produced with advanced technology. MCU Embedded, and based on optoelectronic, semiconductor laser and other advanced technology, measuring RPM is accurate non-contact, which is convenient and simple for you to use.
TASI TA8141 tachometerExcept for that, there is a humane design. Automatic and manual measuring ways for you to select. Upon the automatic measurement, which records 50 sets of data per time, and the sampling interval time could be changed. Moreover, automatic to record the Max, Min and Average data.

In concluded, TASI TA8141 tachometer is a helpful and useful equipment. If you need to measure the turns of a machine, it will be your best choice. Its non-contact accurate measurement is your prominent cause to choose.

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