Take Advantage of Innovative IP Security Cameras


An IP security camera can keep your family safe from strangers breaking into your homes since an IP security camera will record anything that goes on in your house. Having a home security camera is very important because the security of your home will determine the security of your family. It allows you to see what goes on inside and outside your house while you are not paying attention.

xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera

Latest models of IP cameras don’t just blindly record images, but they also have increased functionality. For example, they are equipped with motion sensors and they will alert you if they detect any movement.

xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP Camera

One perfect example of an advanced IP camera with many functions that will help you keep your house and family safe is this xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera. It looks more prominent than most security cameras and it has an added bonus that you don’t need a DVR to record the images. This xiaomi camera broadcasts the video directly to your Smartphone and you can record it on a memory card.

xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera

The xiaomi ip camera has some amazing features you didnt think were possible a couple of years ago:

  • The xiaomi security camera is capable of recording at full HD resolution, precisely at 1080p and it does it at constant quality with no compromises. No more fuzzy faces, with this camera you will be able to see in detail what goes on in your house.
  • It can easily record during the night with its infrared capabilities. Most bad things happen at night but you won’t miss anything. This xiaomi outdoor camera can take videos as clear during the night as in daylight.
  • It has a motion detection feature. Basically, that means that if there is any movement in the camera’s range, it will send you a signal to alert you. This motion sensor has a range of 15 meters.
  • The xiaomi camera is compatible with most versions of Android and iOS. The Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP Camera has support for two-way audio communication, with integrated speakers. This means that you can speak through the app on your phone and anyone in the vicinity of the camera will hear you. You can use this function to either greet friends or scare off thieves and vandals.


To sum up, you can get the best there is in IP security cameras just by having this Xiaomi camera. It has the best features you can find: great, sharp videos, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), Micro SD card support and real-time alerts.

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