Take a Look at G600 LCD Digital Microscope

If you’re on the lookout for a microscope with an LCD-display then you should continue reading. We’ve reviewed one for you that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Read on for a review that explains all the features of this microscope.

Digital Microscope


We have taken a good look at the G600 LCD Digital Microscope for you to learn everything about it before making a purchase. In the package, you get the microscope, a power supply cable, and a user manual. The stand is made of aluminum and the screen is 4,3 inches big. It’s a nice looking device that’s sturdy.

Digital Microscope

When it comes to the features they’re great. The microscope can magnify from 1 to 600x and the lens is professionally made. The screen has a good resolution and you can adjust the brightness if you please. With the LCD-screen you get a great experience from using this microscope. Even if it’s small it works great for looking at small objects and the quality of the magnification is exceptional. This microscope has gotten a built-in Li-ion battery that has a capacity to last up to 6 hours. You can also choose between 14 languages in the settings which makes it easier for you to understand the features of it. This digital microscope is equipped with a continuous zoom system and the possibility to adjust the light which makes it suitable to use in every kind of environment and to magnify many different things. The image sensor is 3.6 MP and HD which gives great views of whatever you’re magnifying.

You can use the G600 LCD Digital Microscope both privately and at work and you can use it to magnify many different kinds of things. You can look at biological things, minerals, and electronics for instance. It’s easy to use and both kids and adults can enjoy it a lot. With its long-lasting battery, you can also take it with you as you leave your home.

Digital Microscope


We’ve tried out the G600 LCD Digital Microscope and we must say that we love it. It’s gotten many features, you can magnify things up to 600 times and you can adjust the light for you to see perfectly. With the 4.3 inches screen, you can see things clearly. This microscope has a built-in battery with a capacity to last for 6 hours, which makes it perfect to bring outside on trips etcetera. We recommend this digital microscope that’s both looking great and working perfectly.

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