Tactical Self Defense Pen: the best gift for yourselves and your friends

Tactical Self Defense PenIn my experience, pens are used to write. Also sometimes you can just buy pens to collect since some pens with really cute appearance(especially the pens from Japan or South Korean). I have never though pens could be used for self-defense or something, or even cutting glass! So, when i found this pen on the Internet, i was quite surprised and interested in it. Now, lets check this Tactical Self Defense Pen out.
Tactical Self Defense PenFirst of all, this pen adopts strong and firm aluminum alloy to make it main body. It is not only a high-performance and super cool writing tool but also a bodyguard when you face the dangers. The pen tip is made from high-strength tungsten steel with delicate design. Even when you strike something with this pen, the pen tip won’t get loose. You may wonder, why will i use this pen to strike something? Here comes its another amazing feature: cutting glass. Tactical Self Defense Pen features a triangular shaped glass breaking crown with a sharp point that can be used for self defense of to break glass. For example, when girls unfortunately encounter some lady-killer, they can use this pen to protect themselves. What’s worth mentioning, the upper part of the pen is covered with knurling to increase the friction so that you can hold it tightly to make efficient tactical actions, which can offer better protection. And if you are emergencies, you can use this pen to break the glass to help yourselves get out of danger. And of course, you can use it in normal glass cutting.
Tactical Self Defense PenTactical Self Defense Pen

As a pen, Tactical Self Defense Pen has been equipped with high-quality ball pen refill. The metal body and the heavy weight make it look fancy and elegant. The diamond thread design at the handle gives excellent anti-skid ability. You will feel comfortable when you hold it in your hands to write. You can easily hook it on your backpack, bags or notebooks with manganese steel pen holder so that you can carry it everywhere you go. I am sure this pen will make you look elegant and stylish. Such a smooth business pen with round pen tip, fashionable appearance and powerful functions, is definitely great as a gift which is very original, better than normal rum or whisky.

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