SYWIFI001 wireless door bell, improving version with visual smart video

Most of us considering that the home safety plays an important role. As a result, how to strengthen the safety of our home becomes a concerning question. Today, I wanna introduce you an useful related product–SYWIFI001 wireless door bell. It takes advanced technological way to help you solve this problem. Next, let me share you something detailed and hoping that it is worthy to you.
SYWIFI001 wireless door bellUpon its appearance, the attractive place is the webcam lens, which you can watch the visitors via your electronic devices. Moreover, 6 pieces IR LED are also outstanding. With this design, it supports motion detection alarm and IR night vision, effectively avoiding the entering of strangers and you can stay at home safely when at nights.
SYWIFI001 wireless door bell(4)SYWIFI001 wireless door bell has the wireless connecting function via wireless router or network cable and you can use any of your mobile devices, such as, cellphone, tablets, computer, etc. to do the video or audio control. Through your mobile devices, you can view the visitors and decide whether intercom or open the door, very convenient design. By the way, it supports many doorbells and many mobile devices work at the same time.
SYWIFI001 wireless door bell(5)These are two usage scenarios simulations. According to picture one, you can clear observe that it can be used as the remote unlock. This is useful when you stay far away form the door. The picture two shows you the unique function of real time intercom. If your friends or families come to visit you and you happen to be not at home, this function will help you most.
SYWIFI001 wireless door bell(6) SYWIFI001 wireless door bell(7)In concluded, as an advanced technology producing product, SYWIFI001 wireless door bell is more practical and useful. Just buy it and have a try, I’ m sure that you will not be regret.

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