Suleve to Give you a Salient Promotion

Suleve, as a young brand on our website, in order to show itself to you all,  is gonna to give a salient promotion to you, which will start on July 27 and end on July 29. In this promotion, we provide you with amazing coupons of 30% off, 20%off and 16% off, new products at unbeatable price as well as many discounting products. If you miss the promotion page, do not worry because the coupon will not entire until. Now, quickly click the link to enjoy the salient promotion with Suleve in advance.



The Rules of Applying Coupon

  1. Discount:

$50, 30%off



  1. You can use the coupon between 27Jul 2017and 20 Aug. 2017
  2. Coupons are not valid for Brand Deals and New Arrivals Products.


New Products

In this promotion, we select three wonderful new arrivals with which you may satisfied. Now let me show them to you.


  1. Suleve M3SS1

Suleve M3SS screw and nut set is composed of 190Pcs screws and 160pcs nuts, which can satisfy you need of applying them on large amount of things. Besides, all of them are made of stainless steel material so it is characterized with resistance, anti-rust and strong durability, which you can use for a long time. High-quality screw nut set deserves your choice.

Suleve™ M3SS1

  1. Suleve M3AR3

Suleve M3AR3 contains 10 aluminum alloy 6061 M3 standoffs. It look amazing for its colors and knurled textured design so it can have a great function of decoration. Besides, due to its materials and processing skills , it is featured as lightweight, strong hardness and security. So, it can be used for connecting rod, pulling rod or the top column or extending nut and it is suitable for FPV, RC for its amazing look.

 Suleve™ M3AR3

  1. Suleve M3NH1

Suleve™ M3NH1 M3 Nylon screw set is made from nylon,which is safe for you to use and it never rust. With high-end color black and wonderful shape, it looks amazing. It provides you with five size,which is very suitable for most of projects. What’s more, with the advantage of neat threads it will not slip easily and hex design make the assembling process easier.

3.Suleve™ M3NH1What is Suleve?

Suleve, with its principle of producing high-quality goods at cheap price, is devoted to providing button head, screws and so on. Since the establishment of Suleve, it has been keeping its principle to serve you and we are also increasing our innovative power constantly to create and produce the better products. The more innovative we are, the better products we provide at the cheaper price.  We will be the trustworthy partner in fixing. So, join us to make much more possibilities.


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