Sricam SP008 security camera – one with the features of 5x optical zoom IR-cut waterproof


A few days ago, I introduce you one kind of security camera, called Sricam SP005 security IP camera, featured with night vision. While at this article, I wanna tell you another type of camera about this brand, named  security camera. Generally speaking, the same brand items always have something in common. Actually, the newer one does some progress. Next, let me do the detailed introduction to you.
Sricam SP008 reviewIf you learned about Sricam SP005 security IP camera, then you will find that their appearances are so different. Sricam SP008 security camera takes the hanging design that you should place it on the wall. Besides, you can observe that it has 8 pieces array LED, less number than the former one, but it has a longer up to 50 meters IR detection distance.
Sricam SP008 camera reviewTalking about the prominent features of this brand, the Onvif protocol and P2P, plug and play have not been ignored, which has high suitability and easy operation that convenient for us. What’ s more, owning the common benefit features, it also has its own characteristic. It has 2.8-12mm lens, 5x Optical Zoom and auto focus, the new creation on the basis of the former. Moreover, unique metal dome type that with the feature of waterproof, it can be used outdoor that expands its use range.
Sricam SP008 security camera review Sricam SP008 IP camera reviewIn concluded, Sricam SP008 security camera takes the upgrading places on the basis of the former, bringing you better user experience. If you are interested in it, then you can search it in the banggood website.

  • Peter Gowan

    I agree it is a great camera but I cannot get the zoom to work.
    in fact although the demonstration video’s on the web show ,at the bottom of the view, a list of what can be done such switching the sound on and unlocking etc, it includes a ‘zoom’ .
    It does not show on my iPad or Samsung S6

    • Peter Williams

      I have same problem did you find a solution mate ?