Sricam SP005 security IP camera – a night vision capability camera

Recently, one theft event happened in my neighbor’s home. When I heard this news, I was shocked and I think I should enhance security measures in my home. One effective way is to install a security camera. After I searching online, I bought Sricam SP005 security IP camera. I thought it to be a pretty good product and I will share my found in it to you next.
Sricam SP005 reviewAt your first sight, you will find that it has a cute appearance, just like a dog and it will guard your home’ s safety. The prominent place is the 11 pieces IR-LEDs, which has a detecting range up to 8 meters that ensures the better security effect at night vision. Another place you see clearly is its antenna behind. Actually, it supports wireless connection via the APP, plug and play easy operation brings you convenience in use.
Sricam SP005 security IP camera Sricam SP005 security cameraWhat’ s more, Sricam SP005 security IP camera supports Onvif protocol and NVR, bringing you the benefits in use. One place I appreciate at is its various alarm ways, which supports motion detection alarm, phone push alarm, email alarm and whistle alarm, ensuring your home safety during you go out that you can watch your home condition through the phone.

In concluded, with the tight detection system, Sricam SP005 security IP camera will protect your home from strangers sneaking and keep it in a secure status. Buy it and give you a safe home.

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