Special For Visit The Wild, The Frist Choice is Baofeng UV-5RA

Baofeng UV-5RA is a double stage, double display, double frequency, double function of walkie talkie. Simple and convenient operation, and fashion fuselage. It has the volume of 110 * 58 * 32 mm. It is slightly bigger than a cigarette box, quite liked on baofeng uv-5raportability, compact body, reasonable button layout, comfortable grip feeling collocation dazzle black design, fashion sense with the steel mesh to protect, waterproof and crushing. Adopted the display effect is more exquisite array type liquid crystal display, backlight with customizable color display, the user can be fired for system standby, receive, such as different states set different color backlighting, provides a certain space personalized Settings. As a UV dual transceiver letter machine, Baofeng UV-5RA period of 400-470 MHz frequency, V period of 136-174 MHz frequency, U section is a good way to penetrate the building in the city, and the V section frequency make it application easier in the wilderness. It is worth mentioning that in the design to strengthen the alarm functions, by setting, after an alarm it can be respectively on the machine, frequency launch alerts audio signal, or to the current frequency set in advance good identity ID code and data, can play a major role in danger.

In addition, using  Baofeng UV-5RA correctly is necessary. With airbags in cars, don’t put intercom airbag may involve in the range. In potential explosive atmosphere environment or situation, unless the interphone is certified by special explosion-proof interphone, otherwise you must close the intercom. In front of the area near the blasting area and detonator, must turn off interphone, lest cause possible explosion. At the same time, walkie talkie also need to regular maintenance if you want it has a longer service life. Baofeng UV-5RA have a farther intercom distance, more stable performance, the double period of double show double-frequency double. The convenient operation and practical performance, suitable for low intensity climbing and travel in wild.

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