SONOFF® BASICR2 DIY Smart Switch Review

A Smart switch can control power with a smartphone application or a button on the wall. The switch is wired to the electrical framework to control the progression of electrical force and has an inherent Wi-Fi connector to interface with the neighborhood network for correspondence with its cell phone application. In the event that internet access is enabled, the proprietor can regulate the light change from their cell phone in any event, when they’re away from home.

Today, we will review one of the best amongst other brilliant switches in the market today.



Home automation is “The Internet of Things”. It just methods the manner in which all gadgets or apparatuses are organized together to furnish clients with consistent power over their home hardware.

SONOFF® BASICR2 DIY Smart Switch is a household switch that can support Wi-Fi communications with your cell phone from a significant distance. The Wi-Fi electrical switch communicates data to a cloud stage through the Wi-Fi Router. Clients can handle the associated machines distantly var a versatile application – eWeLink. The worker of the Sonoff Wi-Fi switch is Amazon AWS worldwide worker. Truly, clients around the planet can utilize this keen switch.



App Remote Control: eWeLink APP empowers you to control all SONOFF gadgets anyplace with one tap through iOS and Android cell phones, with no distance restriction. You can likewise follow the gadget’s constant status whenever.


Schedule Automatic Control: By presetting clocks or timers on the eWeLink App, a light can be naturally turned on/off at a particular time. Computerize your home machines through 3 planning types: scheduled timing, countdown timing, and loop timing.


Smart Scene: You can make keen scenes all together that one SONOFF gadget can trigger on/off another or assemble numerous gadgets into one gathering and tap to run them together.


Hands-free Voice Control: SONOFF Switch is viable with Amazon Alexa ( Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Amazon Tap) and Google Home Assistant. It permits you to utilize your voice to control home gadgets and appreciate a sans hands insight.



Multiple certifications quality guarantee

moisture and dust resistance

Easy to use via the app

Enables voice control

Not expensive

LAN Control

Share control


Setting it up may pose a challenge


Smart switches are helpful household devices that every modern home ought to possess, especially the SONOFF BasicR2 wifi smart switch. The good news is that it is very affordable and available for purchase at Banggood.

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