Some notes on using a mini multimeter

Multimeter is a commonly used instrument of electrician. Gives us a great help in the time of maintenance. Of course, it is so widely used, but some wrong operations will damage your multimeter. So what we need to pay attention to our mini multimeter in daily life? Then I would simply tell some relevant considerations for you.

1Before using a mini multimeter, should be adjusted to set zero for mechanical, it means that when measured in the absence of electricity. The multimeter pointer refers to the location at zero voltage or zero current. In the process of using a multimeter, you can not touch the metal parts of pens. So that you can ensure accurate measurements, on the other hand, can also ensure personal safety. When using a multimeter, in order to avoid errors, it must be set horizontal flat. At the same time, avoid the influence of external magnetic field. After using multimeter, should be switched in the biggest block of AC voltage. If not use it long term, it should be taken out internal battery from multimeter, avoid the battery corroding other components.

When measuring a power, can not shift gear in the time of measuring the power, especially should be noted in the measurement of high or large voltage. Otherwise, it would destroy the mini multimeter. If you want to shift the gear, please disconnect the leads, and then to measure after switching. Also need to note that when using multimeter, the red pen should be inserted in the “+” hole, the black should be inserted in “-” hole. Testing current must use the current stall, do not misuse voltage division, resistance gear, etc. Otherwise, the multimeter’s fuse would be burning inside, even damage the meter heavily. I hope you can read these notes before using your mini multimeter.

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