Some notes on the use of Mini PCB Drill

mini PCB drillElectrician who knows that PCB board generally consists of several layers of resin material bonded together. The internal use of copper traces. There are different points of it, such as 4, 6, 8 layers. Among them, the drilling accounted for 36 to 40 percent of the cost on printing circuit board. It shows us that the mini PCB drill plays an important role in our daily producing. So we should protect these useful drills. I will talk about the cautions of these drills for yous.

Generally, the regrind dill had to be cleaned before drilling operations. One way of cleaning is to use chemicals. However, most agents have a corrosive effect on the cemented carbide. The cobalt of cemented carbide is very easy to crack, thus if you are lack of understanding and operating the mini PCB drill, you will certainly not get the good pore walls. When clearing debris on the drill bit, you should avoid using chemical. You can use the non-corrosive cleaning solution, preferably use the soft or not corrosive lubricants, detergents.

Storing the mini PCB drill should be carefully and properly. When you finished using the drill, do not arbitrarily placing it in the pie of messy tool bag, which can cause serious damage. Although they are not expensive, are still very useful. It needs to be saved handled separately, try to use the original box to save. Besides, you also need to pay attention to when buying, try to buy a few different sizes, because we have different needs when in use. Try to buy more than one, this same drill is the spare to prevent that there is no inventory online. Now, you know the notes of PCB drill, I hope this knowledge will help you protect your PCB drill.

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