Some knowledge about the Step Drill

People who have used the step rill must know the practicality of step drill, but others may not. Whether you used the step drill or not, we have to master more comprehensive understanding of step drill, so that we can make better use of it, in order to meet our needs.

Triangle Shank Step DrillPagoda DrillLadder Drill 4-124-204-32Step rill is very practical for our manufacturing. From the material point of view, it is the manufacturing by CBN whole grinding. Materials including high-speed steel, carbide, etc. In the terms of use, only using a drill, you do not need to replace the drill comparing with ordinary drill. Step drill is mainly used for drilling sheet steel within 3mm. Even more, it can depend on your needs, processes the hole of different diameters and completely drills a large hole in one-time. At the same time, you do not need to replace the drill bit or positioning holes. Considerably facilitate our drilling operations. In the scope of application, step drill can be used in automotive machining, aerospace machining, sheet metal processing, electrical installation and maintenance and so on.

In the end, we talk bout some of the considerations for the step drill. The surface quality of step drill will directly affect the results of holes. So in the daily use, we have to take good care of its surface quality. Also, we have to conduct surface coating according to different processing conditions, this can extend the life of step drill. What is more, in the use of step drill, please add enough cutting oil appropriately for the protection of step drill. When using of non-water-soluble cutting oil, please reduce the speed of processing. So as to protect the step drill, ensure the safety of operations, and to make the step drill bit longer of use.

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