Soldering smd ic sucking, low-cost vacuum sucking pen

Yesterday, when I surfed in the websites, I found one low price item used for soldering IC alike sensitive parts. It is called soldering smd ic sucking and featuring with portable handmade type, very suitable for DIY. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
soldering smd ic suckingIt shapes as a pen and uses stainless steel pen head for easy installing the IC suction headers. Besides, it equipped with vacuum pencil lead, which used to produce vacuum suction force and then pick up IC, very useful and convenient. Super big button is good for your operation.
soldering smd ic sucking(1)soldering smd ic sucking is an alternative to tweezers and used to pickup the placement of delicate SMD component. With the soft ESD-sate conductive silicone suction cups, so it will not scratch or damage sensitive parts. By the way, there are three sizes of headers, the small, medium and the large.
soldering smd ic sucking(2)At last, I wanna tell you its using methods. First, installing a proper IC suction header on 939 suction pencil. Then, putting the header on IC. The third step is to press the button on the suction pen to discharge the air, and release the button to produce vacuum suction force to pick up IC. Last step, putting the IC on appointed place, and pressing the button, the vacuum pen discharges air to let the IC fall off.
soldering smd ic sucking(3)Generally speaking, soldering smd ic sucking is one kind of portable and easy operating item. If you are interested in it, you can buy it from It happens to have 14% discount now and just sells $2.99.

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